Let’s connect together with Universal energies

With all the precautions, efforts and thankfulness, let's ensure to keep our thoughts also clean… Let us send some good vibrations to universe and get back the same… Sometimes creating such energies can also make big difference in life to fight hardcore situations… Stay safe, stay happy and never say die!!!

Precautionary Medication for Corona Virus

Hey friends, Recently I have came across some Homeopathy medicines which can be consumed as prevention from being affected by any virus and this is right time to consume to stay away from Corona virus from surroundings... If anyone wants can cross verify these medicines... Liquid medicines How to take: Influenzium 200 , for 3 … Continue reading Precautionary Medication for Corona Virus

Acceptance can lead to confidence 😉😊

Not every morning is same, Not every brighter sunshine is warm, Not every morning's enthusiasm is same, Not every wind is pure, Not every morning walk is rigorous, Not every passing lane is same structured, Not every morning mood is same thought the day, Not every challenge thorwn by the day is same, Not every … Continue reading Acceptance can lead to confidence 😉😊

Let shadow of I and you disappear

No man can seek the divine because he does not have the capacity for such a search. But when somebody has become ready to disappear, has become ready to be a nobody, has become ready to become an emptiness, then the divine will certainly find him. Only the divine can seek for man, man can … Continue reading Let shadow of I and you disappear

Some physical injuries leave challanging impacts…

These days physical injuries are very common around, more than half of the population have gone through some or the other such injuries. Any physical injury can affect mental stability, its each individual's way of accepting things and acting upon it. Some injuries are taken too casually that it's impact on other body parts are … Continue reading Some physical injuries leave challanging impacts…