A tale of Agony

It started during Greys,
When no one understood the pain,

Beat was to and fro,
Sand slipping from the fist,
clock ticking 1,2,3…

Dark clouds falling beneath,
White smoke moving behind,
Birds cripping seeing falling clouds,
Fear cripples like shackles in wrist,

Standing at window,  gazing with blue eyes,
A Ray of hope seems like a dim light,

Sadness all around, gripping the soul,
fighting spirit breaking apart,

All crosswords,  making no sense,
Day and night are walking apart,

Feelings go numb, how to take even step 1?
Mind is questioning heart,
Heart is messing the mind by fooling around,

No one knows the pain inside,
Tough times are to be walked alone,

Some pains cannot be loved by self ,
Walk on Sand, leave the footprints behind,
let it be smashed by waves….

Accept the Agony, forget the puzzle behind it,
let people accept you with your agony, else let it be,

One day grey will turn white and blue,
birds will dance for you,

You will have meaning of life again,
No matter how deep WAS YOUR PAIN!!!!

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