After so many tries, still step 1..2..3..

I have been trying to write from past so many weeks but couldn’t get on the right path…

So many questions to self, few more attempts to go was answer after each try but no luck. I stopped making effort and said my self let it be…

Exactly the way we should say when we can’t do something which is not in our control. So many waves came and went by these days and still life is on.

Life may be fucked up from which one may try to be out ample times, but it is still fucking up, so??? Do you really want to hold onto it and go like that??? Of-course not, but then how to control? ONLY answer to it is, don’t give the fuck to fucked up situation and let it be…

Like I am fucked up with so many things, but can’t change it and surly will be back on writing with more stuff where I will talk real…

Cheerzz frndz and keep rocking!!!

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