Let’s emit same energy this Sunday 

Hello Friends,

With due respect to what our PM Sir has said to follow on Sunday, let’s make it more useful day by emitting positive energy, same time, being at your own place without any second thoughts…

Let’s all book our 11AM IST to 11:15AM IST on 22nd March 2020 during Janta Curfew, and do the following:

1. Sit at any place of your home with no distractions around

2. Take a deep breath and close your eyes, with a feeling that now you are going to connect with Universal law and each soul will meet you there with same thoughts

3. Just send energy saying, I am healthy enough, so does my planet. Nothing can be permanent and this phase will pass by. I will take care of my surrounding and so does my universe will do…

and after that just sit with closed eyes and same energy for next 10 mins…

Let’s share this and even if 1% of population does it, magic will began… Energy will change within and above too and Panic situation will also start to release…

Take care everyone and Stay healthy

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