Some physical injuries leave challanging impacts…

These days physical injuries are very common around, more than half of the population have gone through some or the other such injuries.

Any physical injury can affect mental stability, its each individual’s way of accepting things and acting upon it.

Some injuries are taken too casually that it’s impact on other body parts are seen later and sometimes that later becomes too late.

Some are taken too serious that entire focus is on that pain and other things get impacted…

So there is no balance actually, because no one wants to be caught up by any such physical damage and inspite of accepting the fact that evey cut takes its own time to heal where good care is needed, but unfortunately only few of us realize it on time, whereas others just get carried away with the thought of not having it or why am I having it???

Friends, it’s very important to have that balance and corrective actions time to time else both the ends has adverse affects…

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