Some losses cannot be revived 😔😔😢😢

The moment of joy versus next tick of clock with saddest news…

This night while having peaceful time with family, my phone beeped. I saw the name and thought to drop it and read later. While swiping left to right, read that one line, which paused everything around 😐😐

I rushed out of room hoping I read it wrong and then my phone rang with that name… She told me that news is true and nothing can be rolled back now. I had no words to say, nor any power to accept, we went silent for minutes… My mom came in and then we both revived and had same thought, “kyu yar, kidda hoskda idda”…

We know one day everyone has to go but not at such stake… Death is always a big loss, specially for the one, whom that person belonged to but more heartbreaking part might be when the reason is them 😔😔😔

We all stayed together for few good years, shared, cared, cried, celebrated birthday same day and so much more. Later when we moved into new lifes, we became occupied in it and habit of sharing every problem stayed more within us than with each other. But friends, I feel that’s where we go wrong, atleast if something is troubling you so badly that it can call for you to simply quit , please hold back, pause and walk to someone, be it a stranger for that point of time. Life maybe Dam tough but not impossible to tackle…

It’s still a shock and until everything is clear, it will keep clicking around but worst part is, that she is no more with us… Those days cannot be brought back anymore, we may have some sleepless nights but what about that person and family? All we at the end says, may his or her soul rest in peace….

Friends, any other loss may still be revived but not death and lets make sure, not to take the worst alone. God has given this beautiful life and he only planned when to take us away and how but still, share your worries, ur pains, don’t sit back and suffer this bad…

We don’t know who’s next but atleast we have now and let’s keep this now fine…

Love you yaarrr, I wish we had accidentally spoken before that dreadful night 😭😭

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