Don’t get bothered, be real you 😊💯

In life we all aim to live cool and tension free, where its all about enjoyment, no botheration, no judgements, let each one live with that peace, understanding and so on n on….

But how much percentage it actually happens 🤔🤔

We all know the answer, as each one of us is part of it. We ourselves do it and expect from others not to do, isn’t it crazy 😏😏

One side we say we are cool and talk any xyz thing but other side when we hear ppl gossiping around, making judgements, it bothers us. Why??? Now where is that cool attitude of living stress free life?

Some peole before hand limit themselves from talking about anything because they know, it will bother them, so somewhat they feel safe, but are they truly living free life???.

And very rare of the population actually stand by, who will talk anything anywhere and dam care what people will think back, because they know how to stand for self when in need and fight back…

Friends, I have also been through all these phases and decided to limit myself but that’s not my nature. It means I am changing part of my nature, where I love talking and that too just because people gossip or make fun of what I share or discuss… Then what is the solution???

Never change the good part of urself and know when to step in and when to step out and importantly where to step in… If you are clean enough , trust me nothing will bother you 😉😊✌️

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