Never let your colours die, feel free, fly free πŸ˜‰πŸ˜

This has been a tough struggle, every day have to undergo many obstacles, difficult challenges, being in a situation where one can’t freely walk.

Many pissing moments, hell of unwanted colorfull to tasteless remedies, every second struggle isn’t easy…

But this isn’t the solution as this struggle has to be fought, has to be faced beautifully, has to be loved because strength is in my blood, how can I forgot other struggles where things were at different par … What about those who are suffering more and still wearing that genuine smile and not letting things go off..

I stand up , I fall, I try, I fail, I smile, I become sad but I don’t have to quit as one blessing always hold me the moment I hold thought of quitting. I have spend beautiful times and when I see this image it reminds me of being so free and this phase is just temporary not permanent…

Whenever I see this parrot, it reminds me how it came to me, softly moving around my hand to arm, playing , giving that joy, feeling of being so free, feeling of enjoying that spirit…

We delay things by thoughts, by not accepting what it is. It’s okay to sometime be low, be upset, be questionable to Almighty but remember he is the only one to give that strength and only thing is that strength is hidden in all, we just need to gather it and fight it …

These days will pass soon and this parrot will always give me reason to fly freely no matter what πŸ˜˜πŸ’•

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