It’s all about the outlook ðŸ¤·ðŸ˜‰

We often talk about how others behave and compare what we did for them and what is not being done for us and we say, its disrespect or insult. And sooner or later, some take to their EGO.

Why do we have to always complicate things??? If you are doing something for someone and in turn u expect their respect and when other person doesn’t behave that way, so is he or she wrong? Who are you to actually decide that??? Table can be turned around, right?

Same way, when it’s something done for good cause and in turn things aren’t in favour, then also blame game, complaints???

It’s very simple friends, other day also I mentioned this and fact is take any angle of life but bottom line won’t change…

Every being has his or her own values, knowledge, reasons, morals and no body has right to question them because no one is exactly same with each other. We all are like this, we are different with different people but in turn we expect them to be same towards us.That’s not fair at all…

We can’t question almighty creation, every being is on journey and today or tomorrow something will change in each being.. Nothing remain constant not even the direction of Compass.

Take things easy, enjoy every moment. Everyone is blessed and no matter what, don’t hold anything against anyone inside. Life is unpredictable, why complicate it more by such thoughts… Impression are easy to create but difficult to remove if go unnoticed …

Have a blissful day ahead 😊😊💕💕

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