Crush that One Hope…

When it’s Mind vs Hope, crush the hope…

This is how it goes, we all have one such hope for which we are sure it won’t work at all because it’s Mind who observes the act. Even after awareness, that .01% hope remains ,maybe because we expect that 99.99 percent should be proven no matter how bad the outcome gonna be…

But friends, even expecting that is useless because fight between mind and such hope is not any instinct or sixth sense, its just our sub consciousness which want it to happen and .01% remains…

Tell yourself again and again that Mind is more powerful to see and understand the reality than any other emotion in such cases.. If that .01 has to happen it will but why hope and wait??? Why expect something which isn’t worth at this moment, why it needs your attention even when you know it’s just like fooling oneself??

Just crush that hope by accepting what it is. Don’t pray , don’t expect as some hopes are just to divert our attention and those hopes are self build not any instinct…

Enjoy what you have , you never know which Miracle is waiting for you or maybe happening but you have shut some doors hard enough to see them.. Live, love and Laugh 😘😘😉😉

5 thoughts on “Crush that One Hope…

  1. Meaningful piece of writiing, Ruchikia 🙂
    I just realised I wasn’t following you – sorry! Now that my follow functions works, I can now finally follow you ❤ x

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