I received this email…

I got one email and I have placed in my words a bit as I don’t wanna disclose too much about it…

I do have guts to disclose my identity but this time I want to be anonymous.

I am struggling with one stupid pain and I know there is no chance. I know I was building false hopes but I don’t know it was just happening on its own. I didn’t even notice when I got too attached or its obsessed , don’t know … But I know that nothing gonna work and life is all sorted yet this thought is alive…

It’s stupidity I know, I am aware of my thoughts and feelings and also aware that it’s dead end where there is no light, still deep down that little pain is there… I am doing pretty well in life but at times this thought hits me hard. And that time I just wish some magic happens and this one thought also dies…

I don’t want to waste my time on something which isn’t worth, I know I will be over with this soon but that journey between now and soon is tough at times…

You many a time say about miracles, magic and I hope after talking my heart out to you, some magic happens in my life too and that day is the day where that something becomes nothing for me , that dead end doesn’t call me anymore… I am sure that magic will happen tomorrow morning or day after but it will…

I wouldn’t mind if you share some words of my story in your blog and let me know how you feel and what others believe… Do you guys believe in MAGICS , MIRACLES???

Hey anonymous, don’t worry because you are lucky enough that you are aware of your own thoughts, your feelings and best part you know it’s a dead end.. Its a blessing to know where you are heading isn’t good for you but remember one thing, everything happens for reason and Almighty is doer… And trust me, if you can’t take it, leave your thoughts and worries in his hands and see Soon things will change and yes MIRACLE will surely happen 😘😘😊😊

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