End Ur day with good node…

Nobody is certain of next moment, so talking of tomorrow is big thing… Postponing things to tomorrow, which can be done right away, not good idea friends…

How much time does it take to say thank you, how much efforts are needed to say sorry when you know you did something wrong, how much difficult it is to clear your misunderstandings, how much hard it is to talk out your heart to one’s whom we call our “loved ones”, how much courage it requires to admit you feelings irrespective of nature of outcome, how much money it costs to forgive self and smile for being who you are and how how much weight it takes to thank almighty of each moment ????

It’s all about Ego, laziness, ignorance, I don’t care attitude when we actually care, being proud of something which is god given not our own…. Why don’t we realise, there is no sureity of next moment and each moment which we are seeing, talking , enjoying is a blessing… Nothing is beyond him, it’s all him. Why can’t we simply call off our day with good nodes, say sorry wherever you are wrong, admit mistakes, forgive yourself, love for what you are and what you have, clear your misunderstandings before entering to next day ( for which no certainly at all), say out your heart, thanks people who really mean to you and thank those who doesn’t even mean but somewhere they made a difference in your life…

Friends, life is NOW not tomorrow… Sleep with free minds, don’t hold anything as everything will remain here , nothing is permanent, then why an effort to share , care, wave of beautiful bye, keeping everything clear and clean requires so much time when actually we aren’t sure of that TIMe?? Think!!!!

God bless you dears …Sleep well and thank you for everything 😊😊✌️✌️🙏🙏

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