It’s the body who dies not the Soul!!!

Many people around us fear death, specially own. Thoughts come which scare them thinking when they will die, where they will go? How will they know? All activities gone, relaxations gone, struggles gone, loved ones left behind etc etc etc…

My own mother very often talk about the same and I always see that fear on her face and same thought even scared me at times, thinking when I will die, what will happen , I am no more gonna see things around , my body will be burnt and those ashes. All these brings goosebumps…

I was just sitting in silence yesterday and thought came with a beautiful feeling , that sensation. Why do we really fear of death? We all know it’s a cycle where one comes and goes, we all come here with a purpose, once purpose is over, we are called off, maybe for some other purpose?

What is body? It’s just a form where soul resides. This form can be of human, animal, plant, mammal and so on. God is the only one who decides which soul will be present in which form and how much duration… So, why we love that form so much that we forget we are souls who are blessed to be in any of the forms.. We have a purpose, and why even fear death, because soul is not dieing, it is just being called by almighty either to pass on to next form or for him to finally bless that soul with peace…

I got such a relief with this feeling and was wondering what next it will be and just smiled. Death is nothing but a cycle which is God’s gift only πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ™πŸ™

7 thoughts on “It’s the body who dies not the Soul!!!

      1. They are also Form of God. Everything is his form or you say in every thing , god exists… This can be understood and learnt once we start walking on spiritual path.. it needs meditation, practice and right knowledge πŸ™‚

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