9 thoughts on “At times one has to!!!

  1. Once again another wonderful piece of excellent and absolutely perfect advice! There is no way to even deny this because sometimes in life I think it is just best disown some people if not for them, it is probably even better for ourselves!

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      1. I have disowned several people from my life already and on the fence with my mother. I am so surprised of how differently we view things and her views are SO against mine. It is so incredibly sad and there are certain things I have a hard time just β€œagree to disagree” because there are things that are destroying SO many lives!!!


      2. Remember one simple thing, no one is right or wrong. It’s opinions of each individual. And from there, comes acceptance of being who you are and what others are. It’s not easy , but this is reality.

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      3. I just get so upset that she supports the president and his evil ways, but I try to not discuss this with her. She just can not let things go and not speak to me about politics!


      4. It’s her opinion, which you are unable to change. You know when one wants to change when he or she thinks that their belief towards something isn’t right or bothering them. But at this moment she doesn’t feel that, so she is right at her part. Take it as OPINION rather than any negative energy. Best is not to discuss it if it hurts any one of you. At the end country is in president’s hand and if you can help him in some way that will make difference, then you should discuss with you mom n all but when you aren’t part of political circle to help president, then just stay calm and don’t get bothered

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  2. I don’t know your situation, sorry if my words for against anything. But if we can accept ourselves the way we are or the way we think we should be , I am sure we will accept everyone else for who they are πŸ™‚


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