Story of Strong People …

Somewhere down the lane, I met this Women. Sitting alone, looking at the stars, many questions in her eyes, cunning smile over her face, tapping leg on and off.

Somehow we began the interaction and one point cane where I could gather to courage to ask her what was she looking at and what questions are there ??? She shared her experience and I could make from that she is very strong Women who faced a lot and always set amazing examples. But during this entire journey, people started taking her as super power women , who can never fail, who can never break down, who never needs break, who never gets tired of things and on top of everything , never have feeling of ‘Tired of Trying”…

She wanted her own people to understand her, she has all the right to feel “not alright”, she can also have days where she want to be lazy and low, where she at time don’t wanna even try to be okay, she can also need a shoulder and hand to walk with more strength…

That’s right friends, we should not take anyone for guaranteed, everyone is facing all odds and evens during this journey of life and anyone can need anyone at any point of time in life but many are left behind because they are titled as “Super Strong”… Don’t ever hasitate to ask people if they are okay? Cheerzzz πŸ˜‰βœŒοΈβœŒοΈ

4 thoughts on “Story of Strong People …

  1. This was the most beautiful post with so much truth and emotion in it! This woman you spoke to really seems pretty amazing. I think we need more people like her. You could not be more right when you said that everyone is facing some odds. I am the one that will always talk to everyone and typically try getting to know them better. I think it is very important to always treat everyone the same, with respect, and offer help when you can clearly see it is very needed.

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