That Kick is Missing …

Some days back someone asked me, even after a great opportunity, you are not sounding happy??? And long time back, certain few instances took place at different situations… I was like, I am , it’s just I don’t get how to express it the way you people expect…

Just day or two back, I sat alone, in my Jury room to think on this and I actually found, what all made me happy out of those situations or opportunities or instances and to realise it, it’s nothing great but just a KICK…

That Kick is missing somewhere and an effort to reach to that , should never die friends. It happens with every one but all we need to understand, if that Kick isn’t there, then even after its dam big news or achievement, one will not feel happy. Its this Simple because it’s all about KICK and we should never ignore it 😉✌️😊

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