This is what one should keep doing ✌️✌️

Most challenging thing to do in today’s era but not impossible. One should keep a check on thought process which will eventually take care of emotions and at the end thing will fall at correct angle without any other effort. Just one effort is needed friends ✌️✌️

14 thoughts on “This is what one should keep doing ✌️✌️

      1. Actually, till the time we realized that we can control everything about us, by that time we have high rank of holding emotions. It will take time to take control over it, as it’s not about a day or two, it’s about years we have been doing it. Think this way and then work on it, it will definitely help you out

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  1. Exactly.. we create thoughts and we only have to control.. same way of we care emotional thoughts more , we know we are the only ones who has to control and not become the sufferer 😊✌️


  2. Absolutely amazing words! We are definitely the only ones that are in control of ourselves. We are in complete control of our actions in life and our thoughts, but I have a hard time controlling my emotions which normally turn into stress. I am working on it though, hopefully someday I will master that!

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