Some can’t change their perceptions even after being educated. Don’t hate them, just try and teach them

I was observing something from long time but thought people who acclaim that they are modern and are extrovert in every manner, won’t behave such way… But reality remained same like once I saw in 2006.

Some one in my known was suffering from cancer years back and today also I came across someone from loved ones suffering the same but that time and today one thing which should have changed , since there is lot of awareness around about types of such problems and importantly they aren’t communicable with anyone’s touch or sharing, but such educated people still take things same way. They feel with single touch , or sharing of food can cause them the same…

I can write n number of facts on this but bottom line won’t change and people who have made their mind or being trained to think this way can’t grow until or unless they try.

It’s a request to my friends that please if you see any such things around, don’t react or get impulsive as my loved ones did , as they got hurt with such expression, rather confront those people and explain them and make them familiar. Even after that, if they are the same , leave them that way as when they are not ready to change their Sanskars at this moment, your try will anyhow go into vain. Stop being affected because at the end they are not being hurt , it’s only you who gets hurt…

Accept the reality and enjoy your time with your loved ones as they are not going to take care of them , it’s only you who will be doing it .. Stay positive and release positive energies 😘😘

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