Searching for ourselves ✌️✌️

My dear friend gave me a topic to express my viewpoint on the same.

This is very important nowadays to search oneself whether it’s in a lost crowd or whether it’s being alone. I feel we have restricted ourselves with thoughts more than restricting from anything else. We have trained our mind to work as fast as possible so that we can do much more things in lesser time. But when we are not working on something, then? Does mind slow down? Does it relax? Not really. Since we have trained our mind to work so fast, who will teach the same mind to speed down?

Mind is very clever. Whatever you feed mind against its wish, it will only respond the way it’s being taught. So it’s our Duty to train mind to slow down too when we are not working. This can be done by checking thoughts being produced during free time.

Reduce the occurance of thoughts by relaxing in free time, it can be either by playing your favourite sport, listening to music, writing and if nothing is in scope, simply meditate by closing your eyes and tell yourself, you are not lost in crowd nor lost being alone. Everything is alright and all you need is to pamper your soul by feeding good vibrations, happiness, love, care, strength and then see how it works.

It’s all game of THOUGHTS, if you learn to keep a check on them, nothing can stop you from being oneself , realself all the time 😉😉🙏🙏

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