Kill it and walk Ahead!

Sometimes our thoughts pull us back and hold us tightly. Even after knowing, that thoughts releases aura accordingly, one need to keep a check. But that check at times crosses all the limits and we realise it’s too late.

Don’t worry even if it’s too late, you can still stop and kill unwanted thoughts by getting familiar with reality. If you know something is done from one end and thoughts are just releasing energies which aren’t even accepted by sorroundings, in such cases they are coming back to you only. It may create hurt, happiness, shattering, cheerfulness but truth is , it is stopping you and not letting you go beyond.

The moment you realise it, it’s always good to kill away such thoughts and move ahead. If something is right and meant to happen it will, one need not stress unnecessarily and if it isn’t , it will never even after ample efforts …

Have a beautiful day ahead 😘😘

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