When you don’t know how to make it lovely evening for self 😘💕

It’s summer time here and warm evening where usually one doesn’t prefer to come out. But till when???

So today I thought of getting out in evening for a walk first and then I just came to park near my block where there are different swings , sitting points, cycling lanes and much more to do… I just had a walk around and selected perfect place for me to relax…

These swings and just tuned my favourite numbers and begin with the flow. After sometime when I was at good speed and height, I just closed my eyes and started singing and within seconds I felt so relaxed and I realised that how it is helping me to take out unwanted thoughts from within…

I instantly feel in love with this even after such a hot weather, trust me… I felt like there is no another life, this is it bro. I continued it for 30-40 mins till the time I emptied the unwanted bucket of thoughts. I stepped down and again looked around and saw people sitting and chit chatting… And now I am sitting and writing here and watching them around … Kids playing, ladies chit chatting and group of uncles enjoying while playing cards…

I would love to daily come for this swing no matter whatsoever is the temperature as I am in love with this feeling of being self and feel on top of world.

Friends at times source of relaxation is just next to us but only we need to leave the bed of laziness and step out… Have great day ahead ✌️✌️😊😊

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