“I need Nothing from Anyone”

We should always say this to ourselves every morning to have blessed day…

Whenever we start our day, we have so many consequent thoughts where we often seek for other persons approval willingly or unwillingly. Like if someone dresses up, instead of think of their comfort zone, they start to think of others and their reactions … Another common instance, if someone is running late, instead of improving it for next time and telling real reason of being late, they will think of such an explanation which can satisfy other person and may gain sympathy for self…

At times when we try to be real, situations make us think other way and act like the way other wants, which is anyhow not justified.

I have seen at times when we try to be true to other being, either they truly accept us as it is else they take advantage of that truth. It creates situation where sometimes one can’t step back , rather start behaving and taking decisions they way other one likes or wants and entire blame goes to SITUATION…

It’s not one matter, it’s about so many small to big instances where we do similar to this and that count is just beyond any expectations because by the time we realise it, it’s too late.

Why do we need to live such life friends? We talk about individuality, self made person, independent decisions, then why we forget it? Why do we have to show of, why do we have to be jealous of other and be like that one, why do we have to make the same mistake again even after realising the first one? If someone takes advantage of your truth, why you have to stick to that person even? Why can’t simply one walk out or stop doing the same? If somebody couldn’t understand you at your good times than how can you expect from them for your bad times?

There are so many situations where many of us are still stuck and try to blame situation everytime. That is where we are going wrong. We need to stop and rethink and remember bottom line that we should do things which satisfies our soul, if something is wrong for us then it’s WRONG, if something is good for us then it is… Self decisions matters alot as before seeking decision from others we should be internally clear what exactly we are upto and then only we can analyse the decision of other person else we will sail in a boat where unexpected dead end is certain.

Hence every day remind yourself that ‘If I am independent then I have all the rights to think RIGHT about myself and make decisions’…

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