Cliff ~ The Mantra

They were beautiful and happy days,
I could recall one old phrase,
It says “Happiness is the bridge the sun shines on”,
I wanted to walk on that bridge,
To see the Morning shine,
I was feeling energetic,
All of sudden a message came,
It changed everything and aroused deep pain,
Seconds passed, then minutes followed by hours,
Nothing stopped, nor my life,
Another chapter started with new light,
Pell-mell situations were always on my side,
I moved on with charismatic smile,
Deep down sediments of misery were assembled,
With no regrets, I carried on and on,
It was my holiday time, when I came across that discomfort again,
I walked out on street,
Met young lady who took me to perfect scene,

I was on top of Cliff and could feel the breeze,
It touched my soul, made all those sediments flow,
I began to scream, with my eyes closed,
Arms stretched, body free on the count of three,
I continued and no one was there to stop,
After a while when whole load was gone,
I felt green and rich,
I began to dance with people around,
I realized the importance of my scream,
No one would explain but only I could feel,
I got therapy for such Topsy-turvy,
“Nothing is wrong if you brake”…

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