Blank day s just a myth!!!

Even when it’s beautiful outside, you feel dark inside,

Even when it’s happy moment in ur next to door house, you still feel low inside,

Even when it’s raining outside, your thunderstorms of thoughts kills u inside,

Did you ever wonder why even after goods things around, u feel sad inside???

Coz, for us pain becomes so important that we forget to even recall the magic of universe.. What you sow you reap, what u send out comes back… No matter what, as I always say, don’t give up on anything, be he own hero, be happy when people are happy around, be hopeful when it rains outside, coz God s also crying to let out ur emotions as a sign, I am there for you … Be that charm who doesn’t need external beauty to satisfy himself or herself…

Love everything and send out good energies and then c magic begins…

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