Grey days to turn White…

At times we ask ourselves why this grey day? How this actually happened? How to handle this, etc. etc. etc.

I feel in everyone’s life a day comes when we really go blank, encounter that unwanted day, the feel of that moment pushes us back and leaves us empty. Somewhere we know that it cannot be changed, it cannot be reversed back to last few seconds, that feel itself is breath taking and most importantly when we know the real sufferer is not us but one of our loved ones. We cannot be at their place to feel it but more worst feeling is to know something like that… Now the thing is how to deal with it???

Friends, this feeling is not something we can detach to, so better way is to accept the reality and look for solutions. It’s alright to feel gloomy and that doesn’t mean one should stop. It’s okay if we get up with that thought and while sleeping that thought is still there. What matters is, how strong one stand out by truly welcoming it and turning those grey days to white from the energy within. Whether that situation has solution to it or not, remember standing firm can change much more than expected. Be that will power and become their Strength.


Always walk through those cold lanes, invite the freshness, feel the cure of whiteness around and then see how magic begins. There is no pain which cannot be dealt with. Remember, “If no pain, no gain. If no gain, no life and if no life, no YOU”…

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