Remember this Rule and it will never let you fail…

Here are some leads:

  1. If you know Amsterdam is best for you from all life prospectives but other people give different versions and divert you…
  2. You know what is best kind of fit for you and what makes you feel comfortable but you see group of people with something different and they influence you to adapt their wear and you choose it but end results , not comfortable

Same way many a times even after knowing correct thing we get pumped , follow others, do something beyond reach and later regret, it’s all because we try to change 5+5 to 11… But truth is 5+5 will always be 10.

So when you know best for you , just tell yourself 5+5=10 , nothing can change it to 11.

Enjoy life and apply this rule ✌️✌️😘😘

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