SAVE or DELETE? Decide!!!


Almost every day we come across ample number of people, with few we interact and some are pretty close to us. With each person we interact, we develop a feeling irrespective of the state. And very quickly they turn to judgments which ultimately becomes part of our thoughts.

We develop two kind of thoughts, one is positive and other is negative and based on that we make perceptions. Even when we have nothing to do with it, we still act in such manner because we are humans and it’s our tendency bro. Right???

Just imagine, with each person we interact, we have different view and different reactions and if we collect them, what we are doing is collecting garbage of thoughts in us and then they affect us. Always unwanted thoughts harm us, because that is something which our mind is not ready to accept. Our behavior changes, our mood changes, we start complaining, we become the way we think without caring of our originality. Isn’t it? This whole process is called RECORDING OF THOUGHTS and this recording then keeps repeating and we act the way we RECORD. The more we react, more we RECORD.

Friends, is it so difficult to stop making judgments? If something is not our way why do we have to bother? It’s alright, we all can’t be same nor can we expect other person to act the way we want. There is one golden rule to get rid of all past RECORDINGS, to understand that those are their ‘SANSKARS’ (Close meaning Moral Values) and we have our own. And record only those thoughts which motivates you, keeps you calm and makes you come alive every time you meet them…

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