10 Things I follow to lead a stress-free Life!

10 things

  1. I feel gratified every morning

One day we will nod off forever. I never forget to thank Almighty for every beautiful morning which I am blessed with. I welcome it with arms open wide, use beloved eyes to see the nature’s beauty and radiant lips to utter eternal words.

  1. I am emotionally weightless

Where attention goes, energy flows and things grow. Thoughts are like nest, which needs cleansing every day to have clean aura. I anticipate the consequence of each thought and from within the practice of positive resistibility enhances and mind becomes light weighted.

  1. I am peaceful soul on journey

I know no hate, no anger, neither jealousy nor conspiracy. I only know that I am on journey of life who came with a motive and any motive can be accomplished successfully if I am restful enough to perform and win do or die situation by giving my valuable time.

  1. I know how to make my Day

Whenever I take any meal, I analyze its associated sources and energies being added in them intentionally or unintentionally and before I start, I feed my meal with positive vibrations so that the moment it goes inside me, it adds more energy, productivity and fortuity to my day. 

  1. I know when to expect

I always remember the thumb rule before expecting anything from anyone or situation, i.e. “Who hurts you? My own expectations”. I connect my outer voice with my inner voice and every time my instinct tells me, if I already know something is not feasible, why do I have to still hold on to it? That is called intentional expectations which ends up in pain. This is a reason I love to talk to my self before any final verdict.

  1. I know the trick

If we have solution to problem, why should we worry and if we don’t have any clue of it, then also why should we bother. Remember, our soul is the power and core of who we are. We all can use this trick and make best out of every situation of life.

  1. I have my own Standard

I could only set my standard when I was disrespected. I took that disrespect and set a mark, below which I won’t look and it could only be successful when I discontinued the same deed. Now I know whom to make feel comfortable enough.

  1. I am strong enough

When I start my day, I am clueless of what day has stored in for me. I don’t anticipate but one thing I know is, whatever is going to come, it will teach me a lesson of life which is either going to open new doors or close unwanted doors which I couldn’t do myself. Every lesson has a message and I know how to unlock it.

  1. I am independent

We need not get confused with attitude, when we say oh, she/he is independent. Independent simply means, who know how to take up any challenges of life, who can sail through toughest storms alone, who can earn with respect, who can offer before being asked. I have mastered all these skills with time and I am proud to be independent.

  1. My another name is Love

I make sure that each day when I meet people around, they feel that love. My idea of love is very simple, focus on my WORDS. I think before I speak. I stop before I throw out my anger. I know smile won’t cost anything, it’s a free service. Most importantly I know how to say NO to things which are against my ethics and before day is over, I know how to thank each soul mentally.

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