Anger Free Zone…

Let’s start a small practice for ourselves. The way we have smoke free zone, same way we have to create Anger free zone.

Why there are specific places where smoking is allowed and how those places are? Huge? Open? Less crowded? Could be any but making sure , surroundings are not impacted. Though smoking is injurious to health but still some do.

Similarly, Anger is injurious to our own health , still we do… Let’s make sure , first practice: Don’t take out your anger where you work, where you have people around, even if someone pokes you, don’t show your anger. Simply walk out to other room i.e. such a place where no one is around. As we do spread our energies around and if we can find such such place and take out our anger there, then why not???

Second: Once you do this, tell your heart and mind that anger is spoiling your own health for which there is only one cure, to let it go.

It is simple to let it go, because Anger is human created and it is a form of hurting oneself where there is no end. If you don’t like something, accept it. If someone is trying to hurt you, it’s on you to take it or leave it. If someone is blaming you, why bother if you know you are not wrong and if you are wrong , then accept it…

It’s all just we need to understand the right trick and take best decision… Act wisely and see magic begins!!!

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