Majority of times we see that whenever we are in some situation, whether good or unwanted, our first statement usually is “Because of this I am reacting like this”… Our friends or companions say, “You are right, this is how one should or must react”. Or we say if that good luck works for me I will feel great.

Let’s suppose, today I am facing something which is not favorable (Ex: I had argument with someone) and I start to think to and fro without a pause. With such a process what will happen?

  1. I will disconnect my self from other thoughts
  2. I will loose my focus over other areas
  3. I will become more ignorant
  4. I may start reacting over small things
  5. I will keep telling about the matter to my friends, where my most generalized statement would be “Gosh, just because of this my so much time is wasted. I could have done this or that”
  6. I will think about more worst outcomes

Like this many other things will happen. Now, in this whole process what I should actually realize is, how one situation is controlling me? But, I directly blame situation and make my believe system that whatever is happening, is bound to happen.

Why do we have to allow any situation to control my mind? Is it written somewhere? Is it taught by someone? Even if it is taught, don’t we have sense to understand what is right or wrong for us? Why are we becoming victims? Why it is believed that if we will get X then we will be more happy. How can we quantify that?

This whole process say only one thing, “I have given my control in others hand/situations”. This is what we have to understand, Situations are independent and so does our mind. We are the only one who by choice become victim. Just make one practice, whenever there is any situation, understand why it is there and accept it. Don’t run, don’t ignore. And at same time, control your mind which will eventually control your mood. Like this our mind will be more active, we will have more tendency to accept situations and go with the flow.

So friends, don’t let anyone or situation control your mind. This practice is not hard, everyday remind yourself that no matter what, nothing can break you until you allow. Only you have power to control yourself…



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