When Thoughts are Heavy…

We often care for our body overweight but not mental overweight. It’s simple because we can notice physical weight easily and we tend to worry and then take all required actions to bring it back…

So much efforts we make for this one appearance but mental overweight is being ignored , as it’s not immediately noticable. Even when we notice something is wrong, we don’t care much as we say ,”This is something which I can’t change in me”. Most generalized statement ever. We ourselves are calling this distruction of mind by not letting go off things. We keep holding them for years, which are actually not needed. 

Our common negative remembrance is, “I still remember, how he/she cheated on me”, “How can I forget that incident, it was in front of my eyes”, “I was also treated like this years ago and I get goosebumps till date”… These all are signs of negative thought remembrance. Why are we holding them? Why we need to even think for a single second about it which is gone or was lesson of life. 

There is an old saying , “Where attention goes, energy flows and ultimately things grow accordingly”. As per this, it simply says whenever we are thinking something negative, we are releasing our energy to that thought and at same time our mind is adding such toxics in it and increasing the emotional weight in us and that emotional weight is “GROWTH OF OUR HEAVY THOUGHTS”…

Follow simple rule to cut this down, get hold of your each Thought and understand it’s concequence. Once you will make an effort, you will know the value of that thought and it’s concequence is nothing but impact which will be on you i.e. your Mind. Remove all such thoughts which are going to cause destruction and then see how weightless your mind becomes…

Try it friends, it will help you and you will see another you who is much more positive and emotionally weightless 😊😊

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