I am testing this!!!

Hello Friends,

I am writing after few days, as I learned new skill to experiment with self and others and it is working… I would like to share this one with you all 😊😊

Sometimes I do listen to Sister Shivani and try to learn those techniques and experiment with self and this time I came across very interesting thing. Most of you must be aware of this process but very few believe and out of them merely 1% tried. Let’s re-learn it and try it again…

It was about discussion on how energies come to us and how they flow out when we drink water. When I read that subject before turning on the video, I found it interesting and unbelievable too. But I stopped by and gave it a thought and played the video… Once I finished it, I thought of trying it for few days first and check if it really works. As it’s human nature not to believe such deep or unusual things at one go. 

Now, point is to understand how water or any eatable is connected to energies. Many of us must have heard about this, ” with whatever mood we cook, we get that in or whosoever eats it get affected” and contrast to this, whenever we eat something at religious place, it gives us some kind of good vibes. But upto what level it stands true, is the question? 

What happens is, whenever we drink or eat something, we don’t bother about its associations. We directly have it and sometimes we feel swing in our mood with no reasons. Vice a versa from down swing we see a change in our mood and suddenly feel good or happy… Most of times in such situations we don’t understand the real reason. Actually, whenever we have water, before it reaches to us, it has many sources and so do connected energies. 

Let’s suppose, we are traveling somewhere and we are provided with sealed water bottle. Sources of that water are, the place where bottle is manufactured, the place from where water is purified and packed in those bottles. Then that lot is sent out from one warehouse to different locations in some or the other mode of transportation. Later it reaches to distributors , retailers and so on. Then finally someone is giving it to you. To manufacture them , they have machines, but someone is operating that machine. At that point of time what kind of energy he or she is sending out unintentionally, no one knows. Then same way from every one source to other , energies keep adding and travelling. When we receive it, it may have all positive energies or opposite of it. And we simply open the seal and have it irrespective of our thought process to at that point of time. Like this whenever we eat or cook something, same way different energies are transferred. And all such energies we are taking inside us and results are unpredictable because we don’t understand associations…

We cannot keep a check or verify anything in this but to control the impact of such energies we can do this experiment, which I have tried last days and it is working. It requires patience and more over trust. We just need to send positive vibes before having that water or meal. (Like we thank God before every meal) Pass the message like, I am a peaceful soul, I am happy soul, I am healthy soul, I will be grow stronger everyday… Any positive message which is Mantra if your life or you wish for. It just take 15-20 seconds and then thank God and have that water or meal. 

If you are really upset, then you can send energies like I am happy soul, I am on journey of life where such paths are lessons, I am blessed soul and have it and notice a that change in you … Sometimes we see our friends or parents really worried, give them water or any meal with all those energies so that their thought process breaks and they feel relaxed.

Best way to understand is with example of having water or meal or Prasad from religious palaces. Most of times we feel better and thank God and say , this meal or taste we can never get anywhere and it has some kind of magic… It’s all because people who prepare it, are sorrounded with all positive energies. Same way, we can try this by using same energy before having anything to eat or drink or while preparing or offering any such thing.

Friends, this is beneficial. Don’t worry if you cannot do it everytime but whenever you do start to notice a change and then with flow you will have this habit before any meal of the day…

Enjoy the positive vibes and spread the happiness around 😊😊🙏🙏✌️✌️

15 thoughts on “I am testing this!!!

  1. I was worth reading..
    inspiring one as always..
    Happy to let you know that I have been following sister Shivani since 2014 for the spiritual knowledge.. also I did bramha kumharis 7 days course at BK center.. it was really amazing experience to understand the real existence of soul ..

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