It’s matter of One thought…

“When I change, world around changes”…

Often we complaint why people can’t change or why they behave this or that way. We have problem with this behaviour etc. etc. etc. Knowing the fact it’s not easy to change someone else , we still expect them to behave the way we think… If we talk about this, then every individual have his or her own perception and based on that every single person need to behave as per other person expectations.. Boss, how can one individual behave as per every other individual expectations?? Until or unless he or she is patient of multiple personality disorder or we are trying to make other person become like that??? Why??? Don’t forget we are also target like we target others… 

Let’s change ourselves and be an Angel and then see how situation changes. It’s not hard to change oneself, it’s just one Thought which can change us!!!

Apart from expectations from others , we talk alot about ‘Kalyug’… Time has changed, it’s world of Evils , bad Karma’s ratio is more now a days than good karmas… Which is eventually ‘TRUE’ 😡😡 and we get angry over such circumstances or when any such bad karma takes place. But my friends have we ever thought how exactly is it happening?? Are we part of it intentionally or unintentionally? Or only big incidents lead to Kalyug like criminal world, terrorism, rapes 🤔🤔🤔 But here my question is how this is happening, who is doing it???

 ‘HUMANS’… and how and why they are doing and becoming contributors of this???

It’s very simple to understand, whenever we emit negative energy, count of bad karma increase and it adds to Kalyug. Energy like, Anger, hate, jealousy, celebrating on others loss, abuse, putting other’s life in danger and so on… Count of these Karma’s are too high. Every individual added some or other negative energy and like this contributed to create Kalyug… 

Now let’s relate them to any one big incident, example of terrorism. How they become the one??? Are they born terrorist? Or is it their state or country? NOPE it’s all the mind set… Whatever is feeded or taken in, made them this. Which is nothing other than Negative energy, how to kill is all they know which is what, ‘ANGER’, ‘HATE’, ‘DESTROY’, ‘RULE’ and so on… 

If we see all this, it’s all related to form of energy which we take or emit and their result affects the sorroundings… So stop complaining , focus on changing yourself by changing your thoughts. 

Let’s focus on what we do, talk, behave. Our every action, word should be positive enough to change oneself and sorroundings… This change is really important and much needed to sustain in this life, else we all already contributing in increasing count of Negativity, “Thora aur sahi”… 

We must take one step towards change and be an Angel, then our sorroundings will also change… Start this practice on daily basis, every morning tell yourself to only use positive words like , ‘HAPPY’, ‘HELP’, ‘SHARE’, ‘CARE’, ‘CALMNESS’, ‘CELEBRATE OTHER’S SUCCESS’… With time you will get habitual and every morning will then remind this to you on it’s own… Nothing is tough until or unless you have zeal to try. Let’s unite and bring this world back to its original shape.

Send out all positive energies and see the magic begins!!!

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