Thank you 2017!!!

“Tomorrow is the first blank page of 365 page book. Write each page with more love and happiness so that if you have to look back at any page, it will always leave a smile on your face”…


We all celebrate beginning and end of each year in different way. We focus on 31st December’s celebration in best possible way and promise so many things to ourselves for New Year beginning. Let us recall everything which happened in this year and close those chapters which are no longer needed or doesn’t hold any more importance. Whatever necessary left open which was to be accomplished in same year, don’t worry re-plan it in better way for new start. Let’s take out few minutes for ourselves and thank Almighty, each and every one and every situation for being there with us. Let’s send positive vibes to all good or unwanted moments of life. It will give us strength and relax our soul.

We should definitely make one promise to ourselves this evening and i.e. is to be a better person. Spread love, learn to share more, distribute care, let go off all those words which always leads to selfish motive. We are soon going to enter new beginning but don’t forget we get chance every day to have this beginning, not only a YEAR change. Wish you all a very happy new year 2018. Stay blessed and never say die!!!

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