Feelings be Like šŸ’žšŸ’ž

Someone shared one part of journey and wanted me to pen them down … 

“I started this journey because of you, you gave me hope to look around and feel it again…”

I may not be perfect soul for you,

I may have made some mistakes which bothered you,

I dared to follow you,

But never had courage to ask you to get added to chapter of my life,

I saw every move you made, every word you said and they became bookmarks of my life…

I felt something is changing in me, 

I became more patient, more calmer then I realized it’s all because of you,

You touched my heart to the deepest,

You taught me how to walk miles even when it’s not your day,

Your footsteps on those beach sands gave me new ray of hope,

Your smile made me come alive,

Whenever I heard your voice, it gave me another reason to be more confident,

Whenever I saw you expressing your views, I always wished to tell you my views for you,

I knew somethings aren’t meant for us the way we plan,

But I never gave up when it came to you,

I followed every pattern of mine and kept learning from you,

Feelings inside grew stronger , I don’t name it love but definitely it was something special,

You became my secret admirer,

I thought not to confront you until you feel the same and planned to continue my journey by keeping you my admirer,

Deep down wanted you to be part of this transit, where we together write pages of every new chapter,

But this journey continued as like before,

I promised myself not to make you my obsession because obsession always leads to some or other END and I never wanted to put full stop to this perfect plan,

Then one fine day came where you came to me and made my dreams come true by becoming not one chapter, but my better half of journey,

You made this entire journey worth loving and living and I still  remember that feeling of admiring you secretly and best catch was you also admired me with same secrecy…

Friends some journey leads to beautiful destinations… Never hold back your feelings, express them no matter whatever is outcome. At times we remain silent thinking what other person will think but I too believe if your feelings are true no one will disrespect them… No matter whether it’s Yes or No but don’t forget your heart only gives you courage to walk one step ahead when your instincts are with you!!! 

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