Some Journeys aren’t for us!!!


I wished one journey of my life with you,

I hoped that you may be the one to talk to,

I almost believed that doors of this journey will be opened by you,

Still, I decided to take the initiative to come to you, not because I needed something but something urged me to look at you,

I could see the depth in those eyes which were ready to tell something stored deep down inside,

That moment changed everything around and I did what I wished,

I tried to gain your attention, I didn’t fail even after your ignorance, as one voice from inside kept me going,

Fortunately one day you accepted my invite, I thought now I can finally converse with this soul,

I tried knowing you, could make sense of your every ignorance, admired your way of leading life,

Then days passed on and on and there were no words from you,

I understood the tendency of responses, your rejection but couldn’t doubt your intention,

I always believed that this soul on journey must have migrated a lot, but felt happy on your every achievement award,

I decided to stop, I accepted that we can’t sail on the same boat, but my inner feeling said something else to which I then ignored,

Out of blue you came with unexpected words and made me re-live those thoughts,

It was one time and my confidence somewhat re-built that universe too want us to share that one journey,

Afterwards, it was all gone but I didn’t forget that you are one soul on this journey who must have migrated a lot,

I promised not to look back and explained myself it’s just a delusion, I expelled all hopes, idea of that journey and most importantly, I freed that soul from my thoughts…

journey 2.jpg

Friends, some journeys aren’t the way we wish them to be, but remember not to make any judgments because you never know what is there at their end. Only one thing is in our hand and i.e. asking for well-being of that soul!!!




21 thoughts on “Some Journeys aren’t for us!!!

      1. ok. We are trying to build a platform for people to come and write their hearts out. Write about their feelings, something they want to share, evils of the society.


  1. Wow! I absolutely loved this one! So insightful and deep perspective on stuff!
    I recently started blogging about my battle with chronic Lyme disease. I’d love it if you’d come and check it out! And leave some feedback!

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      1. Are you from the US? Cuz no person in their right mind is up 3:35 am, unless you suffer from extreme insomnia due to Lyme disease…
        Where r u from, if I may ask.

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