When dreams make you come alive!!!


Often we see dreams when we dose off. Some are forgotten while few are retained. At times we are unable to recall them but have some kind of impression on us when we wake up and some sky-in in such a way that leaves silly smile… This happens less because most of times we sleep with stress and wake up with similar thoughts and then we complaint or make excuses that I didn’t sleep well or got up with bad mood etc. etc. etc. When we sleep with good thoughts or read something beautiful or interact with someone who is a positive soul, it either leaves us dreamless or full of fascinating  dreams. That sleep is the best sleep ever!!!


Whenever you see such fantasies recall the last night/time and memorize what was your last thought before sleeping. You will find your answer… When you wake up with awesome mood, enjoy that bliss. Carry forward that feeling as you begin your day. It will motivate you and adds grace to your day. That feeling itself will be breathtaking , no matter whether that dream has anything to do with you or not, bottom line is it made you laugh/smile and alive once again after all your toughs… You will fall in love with this pattern and every night you would wait to have those beautiful thoughts and wake up FRESH… Enjoy your dream-land friends, stay blessed, lodz of love!!!

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