Careless Whispers!!!

I may walk miles to find my path,

I may or maynot stop during this journey,

I may rumble while passing knowing they might not be whispered again,

I may make mistakes intentionally or unintentionally,

I may inspire or turn down people around,

I may become a topic of discussion or completely ignored,

I may earn unexpected respect,

I may become rising start during this journey or may be completely flushed out,

I may triumph at the end and my words which were ignored become noticeable and if I don’t win I will have nothing to loose because the journey which wasn’t meant for me how can it be ever lost???

Most magnificent thing which I will have at the end is , the lessons and souls whom I met during that transit.. Unforgettable inspirations, never ending faith , blessings and a new consideration towards my exploration 😍😍😘😘

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