How to accept any relationship 😉😉💞💞

The day we come into existence, we start building relationships. With time many of them are added and some are subtracted. The day we reach an age where be become sensible enough to name and understand relationship from there questions begin!!!

We all have few common relationships, parent-child, best friend , cousins, BF/GF, bride-groom, teacher-student etc. Many of us pre imagine the kind of person we want as per relation but how much percent it works??? From there our if’s and but’s , breaking of expectations, anger, ego, hurt , pain, love, trust embarks… Have you ever wonder why??? Why is it  complicated??? M sure we just get dragged but doesn’t stop for a while to understand…

If it’s about parent children relationship, we often hear complaint that my child is out of control or my child is very shy and doesn’t interact , how will he or she socialize? And children say my dad doesn’t support me, my mother is too possessive about me. I don’t like when she call me again and again.

If it’s best buddies relationship, we keep more higher expectations and always take them for granted that they will understand every piece of our act. But when it doesn’t happen we start blaming or arguing…

If it’s husband wife relationship, we often hear what I expected out of my partner it doesn’t happen. He or she is not ready to listen to me. Why do I have to explain again and again???

And then come those people who hold same relationships but have no such complaints. They feel happy what they have nor they crip. They accept things as it is and try and improve over their parts as per situations…

Why such difference even when phases are same???

It is very simple concept of acceptance, that every human has his or her own Sanskars also known as Ethos… Every individual’s soul has its own ability of understanding and serving.

Let’s understand it by an example , person A and person B are friends and they both see situation with different vision. Person A trust every situation easily without any doubt but B always doubts than trusting. Both of them always argue on this but never understand another person’s thought/feeling. Simple, because A’s Sanskar is Trust and he doesn’t know how to doubt where as B’s Sanskar is doubt and doesn’t know how to trust. So they can never be on same page… Same way each soul travels different phases of life, different situations, karmas and without knowing we question their individuality…

We see many unwanted situations or cases day to day which are wrong but it’s their Sanskars and that is why it is not wrong for them and they just do it. Which is not acceptable by many people in society.

We most of the times try to change other person or try to mould situation according to our mood or wish but we forget other person is also human. He or she may have undergone so much but we don’t care… We should understand this and then see life becomes easy. Our expectations will gradually reduce. Our complaints will fall down and mutually every relationship will become more strong and healthy to live with !!!

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