Talk to surroundings…

Most beautiful way to help yourself to stay away from worries and attract all the happiness is to speak up with your surroundings…

Many of us dream to wake up or spend our evening at some beautiful place which is either some landscape, beach side, waterfall, windmills which is eventually a peaceful place. And accordingly we plan how we will spend our days , how we will relax , meditate and enjoy every bit of day , away from all work, unwanted tensions… But dear friends , do we really need to wait for it??? Is there not any way around or we can create one for us??? Of course we can… 

Dream palce may be like 

Morning in Capetown

Memorable drive – Capetown windmills

But till the time you don’t get the one, plan an alternative for yourself… If you want to begin your day with big smile and positivity make sure to change your routine a bit. Wake up before the sunrise. Go out of your room and observe the surroundings before sunrise… See the roads, people who go for walk at that time, birds around, fresh flowers, how sky looks like and beautiful moon shine. It will give you peace of freshness. Breath that fresh air and welcome the sunrise and see how nature changes. At that point talk out your heart to surroundings. Flush out your tensions to sky and in every phrase add good bye and never see you again. To attract the beauty of sunrise , imagine your day as beautiful as you can. See the sun and birds around, send out positive words and ask them to hug you. Trust me buddies , it works. Make it a habit and see how it will change you.

Same way you can practice it in evening or before going to bed… See the silent roads around, people going back to their homes, moon rise, sleeping birds, the peace needed before going to bed. Take out your whole days frustration and relax your head. When you talk to your surroundings , it passes your each message to universe and it do respond back in its best possible way…

Once you know the secret to talk to surroundings and attain peace and joy, it will do wonders for you and see how this magic will attract your dream destinations for you… Life is beautiful , all we need is to know how to make it joyfully 🙏🙏

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