There is always a reason to Smile πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜Š

No matter how hard the situation becomes but there is always one reason to Smile… 

I came across somebody and he was narrating me his story about how his proposal plan for his best female buddy was flushed away… He got shattered , felt so bad that he couldn’t resist. He was standing in middle of road and was so stunned that neither he could move ahead nor back. Whatever surprises he planned he started throwing away. He was alone that mid night and was screaming , crying because he loved that girl from past so many years … Just at that moment one small girl came to him, she was crying and said I am hungry and need food and asked if he could be of help??? He looked around and realized how much lost he was during those minutes…  He instantly rushed towards his car and grabbed eatables which he was about to throw away. He rather celebrated with that young girl to make her happy and by doing so he felt relieved. At that moment she became reason of his Smile …

Like this friends, there are many reasons of being stressed but ask yourself to stop for few seconds and look around… I am sure there would always be one reason to Smile or become a reason of someone’s Smile. Life isn’t that bad, it’s just situations… So embrace each situation and look out of box to be happy and then see how magic begins 😍😍

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