Ride like a Majesty 🎎

Many of us like travelling and find joy in it. It may be a local ride to overseas travel but best source for peace of mind… This can be best phrased as “Travelling is not something you are good at, it’s like something you do like Breathing”

Travelling is not passion of everyone , some do because of situation demand, while others by choice. What matters is how much one enjoy being in that moment. I have often interacted with people while traveling to know their thought process and encountered different results. But people who enjoy travelling knows how to attain that peace and enjoy every trek… On the other hand those who are not fond of travelling tend to think more and find themselves stuck in one or the other situation and feel stressed during those times.

I too love to travel , be it a small distance to long distance. It feels like best stress killing technique. Many a times we have to travel around because of work or situation demand but it becomes more lovable when we do it in our free times being at any place.. It gives immense feeling and sense of pleasure 😍😍 Best idea of ride be like an open wide area, greenery around , fresh wind blowing all around , soft music , waterfall , amazing views 💫💫.. When you step in and begin , that feeling works like a strength, a positive bliss, that Smile and disconnecting from unwanted thoughts… That joy filled in adds spark to your journey and like this every phase keep adding new reasons of Smile and moments … Those travelling dairies do wonders…

Friends never feel burdened if travelling is not your cup of tea. Just try to love nature around. Even if unwanted thoughts occur, don’t feel dishearten rather divert your Mind by looking around.. Observe the road, the trees, clouds, winds . Try and make interaction with people around… If you are alone traveller or rider , play lively or romantic music, remember all good times … World is full of beauty, all we need is focus.. Handle your self by controlling your thoughts and then see magic begins… 💞💞💞💞

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