When you go Grey, attract all Blues!!!


In our day to day routine, we come across many thoughts starting from morning wake-up call to sweet dreams. According to study in a day 1000s of thoughts strike human mind out of which very few are fruitful. We cannot stop our mind from thinking because we have adapted that habit and lost control over mind. We are dealing with lot of things simultaneously for which there is no full stop. In search of answer of each thing, we come across more questions and sometimes there are no answers for them, just a pause… and this all happens when we are not occupying ourselves in useful work or tasks or we are not surrounded by much work. Hence, in free time, we think more than our brain’s capacity and we go grey i.e. why it is said “free mind is devil’s workshop”…

You just need to learn the controlling techniques in such situations by concentrating on something beautiful. Push yourself to find out what is the most beautiful thing you wish for? It can be anything like, opportunity, person, feeling, trip etc. Engage yourself in something fruitful. Like this, your vision will be clearer and your brain releases positive energies and attract such vibes from surroundings. That feeling itself will make you come alive and let you resume back to normal. Such blues of life can do wonders… Never forget the fact that universe acts like Ginny and whatever you put in , same way it bring outs that for you!!! “Attract all shades of Blue and see the magic begins”!!!

In Color Studios

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