Feelings of To Be Bride 👌👌

When it’s time to finally tie the knot bride undergo lot of feelings… Since we are travelling for my BFF wedding, there are lot of different feelings which she is undergoing. It is not easy to understand untill you are in same shoes but still we are trying to know it!!!

Yesterday when we were to began the first phase of journey, it was the last moment of her being in that home as Miss. Bride… Memories flashed back , meeting everyone like this for the last time , not knowing when will be the next visit. Sweet to emotional moments, so much to gather and take along!!! When we began our journey, with time emotional moments turned to joy moments.. Singing , laughing,  dancing, playing with kids , meeting old friends on our way were all add ons… Journey continued

2nd day of journey i.e. today, its almost no time when we will reach our destination and functions will began… Today feelings are on different Verge. Excitement to see the groom and new family, functional ceremonies and much more on its way… In between thoughts of finally leaving her family where she took birth and grew up with all teachings. That anxiety , butterflies feeling , blushing… No mood to eat , sometimes talking so much but in other hand total silence… So many silent thoughts where sometimes one doesn’t realize how much time is spent on those thoughts… This will continue till the time bride and groom doesn’t take oath in all its religious manners…

This happens with every bride and groom but important is how we balance them and make sure to enjoy every feeling and ritual to it’s fullest… It’s message to all brides and grooms that no matter what, but these moments won’t come back, its time to enjoy even after all odds… Feel the love which is all around, cherish every talk and moment spent or to be spent. Plan those moments which you will share afterwards, be happy and attract all the positivity around… Being emotional is not wrong but thinking too much will drive you away from enjoyment 😉😉😊😊

Wish you all new luck and happiness .. Stay blessed 🙏🙏😍😍😍

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