“I” leads to Expectations!!!


Very often we hear people saying, I have done this, I have done that. I want this, I want to be a rich person, I know how to handle situations, I am master of the kingdom etc. etc… Everywhere just ‘I’,’I’,’I’, ‘I’… Most of the times we are thinking about what we are and more than that what we want… When we talk, maximum sentences are from ‘I’. When we pray, it is majorly about ‘I’. When we discuss, we say ‘I think…’ When we see somebody loosing, we say, ‘I told you…’ We seek for respect, we say ‘I’ wanted the same respect for myself like you do to him or her… Every time we talk selfish and become greedier and expect things to happen the way we want to see them… In this whole process 80% of times we lose our originality as we expect, expect and expect because of that one ‘I’!!!

When was the last time when you said, it’s not about me, it’s about us? It’s not about my decision, your decision also matters… I always tried this, today you should try this and tell me… I don’t want this alone, it should be for all of us… When you pray, leave that ‘I’ and be thankful and ask for what is better for all and do good karma. Rest god will handle on his own… Let’s take a pause here and think how to reduce these expectations… The lesser the use of I, lesser are chances of getting hurt…

If you really want to enjoy each moment, then change your perspective. Whenever you are about to use ‘I’, pause and think, is it really needed? Can’t it be ‘us’ or ‘you’ or ‘together’? Change this old pattern, before you seek for respect (for which you aren’t even sure you will get or not), give respect as no one can stop you from giving… Before you look for appreciation, appreciate someone else for his or her good work, no one can steal that from you… If you expect love for yourself, give that love to others as giving love itself is great feeling than receiving… Before expecting that ‘I’, be the one who gives with all his heart and then see how magic begins 😉😉

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