Stop doing WRONG!!!

Good Evening Friends,

I hope you all had amazing weekend… Today in the morning, I received an email from some anonymous user and asked me to write on following topic:


My friend, firstly thanks a lot for taking out time for yourself and helping to kick of the day to day stress within you. Your question itself got it’s answer. But I know it is difficult to deal with it on your own. It happens with many of us, so nothing to WORRY.

When you said, you know it is wrong but still how to stop oneself from doing that, so you should be thankful that you know what is right or wrong for you… Some people don’t even know that… Let us walk through an example…

Recently one of my friend experienced something similar. She was pissed off because of some reasons and she wasn’t able to decide the right move. There were two option, either wait for the right time to come and just go with the flow with all the acceptances else opposite of it… Nowadays it becomes really tough to deal with patience level, so it was pretty obvious that she will choose wrong over right, as wrong path seemed easy at that moment… She knew very well if she will follow that wrong path, she will loose everything at one go and easily attain her inner peace. But on the other hand she had commitments as-well which would have broken then. It was more messy situation… I kept telling her to hold patience, no matter what. But someone said right, ” Till the time you don’t loose something, you don’t realize its value or worth”… She became more firm that she will quit things and accept what may come next. For 10-15 days daily she use to right her resignation, cancel appointments, break down every night and so on… She couldn’t gather the courage to click on SEND button over her resignation email.. WHY??? Because, deep down she always heard one voice which use to say her one more day… One day she took out her pen and paper and wrote down her problem in different ways, with new synonyms or languages. Then to answer that, she wrote what she was planning to do i.e. ‘WRONG’. Then all the minor to worst consequences and positive outcome from that WRONG… When she ended, there were more of worst consequences.. In this entire process what she learned was, ‘WRONG’ will remain ‘WRONG’. Secondly, her patience level increased. Thirdly she could hear her inner voice more louder. But what helped her throughout , any idea??? Her inner voice

She had 2-3 positive outcomes, but higher ranking for that moment was for ‘WRONG’… Then she decided, not to break down.. Leave things on time and meanwhile she switched her thoughts to those positive outcomes… and she started marking what else she can do to find better options in life to deal with her current situation.. At times, even after knowing everything we get stuck because our mind and aura is full of Myst and we get disconnected to our inner voice…

So, nutshell to this is, even if you say something is wrong as per you, try to hear your inner voice first… If after all questions and answers you know WRONG is WRONG, then tell yourself to STOP. First take that challenge for 2 days i.e. you will not think of that ‘WRONG’ option for at-least two days and in those 2 days just keep asking yourself about all good that can happen with you. Then next 4 days and continue the loop…You yourself will get habitual and will note a change in you… Because you will accept it as it is and there will be no urge to move on with that WRONG stuff… As during this struggle, Myst will get clear and your inner voice become more and more louder day by day i.e. why it is said, “FIRST BE YOUR OWN BEST BUDDY, AS YOU WILL NEVER CHEAT YOURSELF BECAUSE YOUR INNER VOICE IS NOTHING BUT VOICE OF ALMIGHTY…”

I hope this will help you my anonymous friend.. Read it multiple times, I am sure you will get the meaning and you will start the same and win over your this STRESS soon!!!

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