Attract what you wish!!!

Hello Friends,

Let’s learn another simple rule to remain stress free and enjoy the charm of universal power… 

As we all know and hear plenty of times that we have power to get what we wish for!!! But most of us don’t know what power, how and when to use it… It’s not difficult at all because we have studied certain laws of universe and one if them is “Show me your new Vibrations, I will show you miracles”… It is completely true dears and nears. Universe acts like a Jinny , your wish my command… So, whatever we wish, we think, universe attracts towards us..

Like, if we constantly start thinking, I don’t want to be late for my exam or office or so, we are calling something which we don’t want but for universe there is no negative energy… It will understand it as LATE, and i.e. reason we still get late , as we are trying to attract something which we don’t want, rather than what we really want… If we think I will be on time, I will give my exam, then universe will make all situations in such a way, that you are always on time… It is Truth, just try it…

Another example here is, I was planning for long vacation from last year but due to some or other reason, it was never successful, as I was always like , if I will plan , then I have to apply for so many leaves, or maybe I have to work during my vacations too and such thoughts… And it actually happened, thrice I planned and during those days I got hell of work or some circumstances … Then I read universe law and started practicing it… Initially, I thought its really stupid thing to do… How is it possible but then I was rigid that I want to go , so I started planning , vacation spot, how many days and no work etc etc etc… And within 2 months, I got free from my projects, circumstances changed and moved to positive side and finally booked tickets, applied leaves, they got approved, no WFH and then happily flew away!!!

Similarly , I practiced and expierenced many things… It really works because you focus in positive thought and universe attracts all positive energy around and make everything feasible for you… You need to hold patience and it will happen….

Start from small practice like someone never gets car parking when they go to office, some doesn’t get conveyance on time to reach to their destination.. So many small small incidents… Just start thinking in a way that you will get it.. You will be on time, rather than , I don’t want to miss my punch in time.. I don’t want to park my car out of basement … Try this and see how your life takes a turn towards positive side and see the magic begins!!!

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