Know When to EXIT!!!

Good Evening Friends…

It’s always good to have safe exit than unknown exit


In life, we face many situations where we aren’t sure about the cause. We go through different waves of change via which either we find our true direction or lost our ways… We stress ourselves to such an extent where U-Turn is not so easy. Hence, we end up with something unwanted. How to analyze such situations or what is the exact pattern to handle them and know how to response to that ‘what and when situation’???

Guys, we all usually have two visions of every situation. Sometimes we know which one is correct and which one is incorrect. But majority of times, we are confused. Yes, that’s correct. Even after knowing all if’s and buts, we aren’t sure… Let’s make it simple. Whenever you face an unwanted situation, first ask yourself, is this situation because of you? If yes, then why worry, think of a solution there and then. As, if we know we are the reason of that cause or situation, we are already near to it’s solution. But actual problem is when we are not the reason. Afterwards, ask yourself, how you were connected to this situation??? From that connection, your analysis power will become more sharper and then ask yourself, how to be out of it and plan things accordingly.


If you are being asked for something and you know you are not liable to answer or someone doesn’t have right to ask you, don’t answer. Walk out from there with a smile and Thank him or her for making you realize when is right time to EXIT!

If you are asked to do something, for which your inner self doesn’t allow. Raise your voice and say ‘NO’ and walk away with a smile!

If you are being judged without you being at fault, don’t justify, because judgement only comes when someone doesn’t trust you. Make an immediate EXIT!

If you are being fired, without your fault, don’t feel sorry for yourself, rather be thankful to everyone and Almighty, as they all opened doors for you , which is called “SAFE EXIT DOOR’…

Friends, it’s very important to know your value, where you stand, who you are, what you are meant for, most importantly when to make an exit proudly!!!

Let’s not complicate situations for ourselves and others too, be easy and there is nothing called STRESS, it’s only our thoughts. Walk free, breath pure and think smartly… Then see the Magic beings!!!

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