Power of Words!!!


“Words can either make you or break you, choose them wisely”…

We often hear that words have power to either mend or rupture but we don’t understand the real meaning of this. We still make mistakes, play with words, fool around others with power of words irrespective of their results…

I would like to share one experience over here. A very common relation of patient and doctor. Most of us visit of doctors very frequently due to our current lifestyles or atmospheric changes and so on.

My cousin was suffering from deep pain at her lower back because of prolonged sittings at her work place. After few days when it was not under control, she visited to doctor and as prescribed she had medicines, but no such relief. She changed doctor and then some series of tests and finally she got to know the root cause of problem (There was cyst near her tail bone). Doctor suggester her surgery and assured that within a month she will be back to her normal lifestyle. After cross confirming from other doctors too and with almost same assurance, she and her family agreed for the surgery. It was quite painful and challenging, as she couldn’t sit , nor walk, complete bed rest with awkward body postures. Doctor used to visit her home for dressings, sometimes he used to call her at hospital based on the analysis. During 2nd week of dressing, she felt something is not right and raised her concern to her parents. Doctor said ‘it’s nothing, just your assumption’. He assured , “Remember he assured and they trusted what he said. His words were accepted as it is”… After 2-3 days she felt that there was some kind of discharge. They went again and asked doctor to recheck. When he checked, he found slight infection and cleaned it and changed the course of treatment. He acclaimed, it’s part of process so nothing to bother. “2nd assurance”. One week passed and she felt better during that week. One night suddenly she woke up with pain and could feel the stickiness more than ever in that region. And when her mother checked, it was all blood with pus , they rushed to hospital and called the doctor. When he saw, he said infection is spread deep inside, so we need to operate it again but it will be minor one (reason of infection, since it is sensitive area so there are chances of re-occurrence)… Another month passed, but no results. They went to other doctors too and they said it’s infection and it will take time. “3rd assurance”… 4 months passed and there was slow healing. By God’s grace , they came across one doctor who took over the case and investigated that infection is because cyst was formed again and it was not cured on time. And this whole process took 1 year to get her back to her normal life… “4th assurance, which finally worked for her”…

Similar way, there are many situations, where we trust people, follow them, or may be they are our ideals, without second though, we believe what they say. Their one word even matter to us. Like in above case, she trusted her surgeon and believed his words. Maybe doctor couldn’t diagnose it well or maybe he didn’t expected such results. It could be anything, but his words gave assurance that she will be fine soon… But that soon took 1 years. In her case, doctor himself could have done further investigation or she could have changed doctor at very first stage. But all took time because of Words…

So friends, think before you say. If you promise something, think 10 times, if you give commitment, make sure you stand by it. Even if you are joking, make sure it sounds like it. If your are commenting something, it should be wise enough… When someone believes you, make sure not to break their believe. If you can’t stand by their side or cannot support,straight away say No but don’t hold on. Don’t make them wait or give false hopes when you yourself know, it is not worth waiting for…

Be a wise speaker than being a curse!!!


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