Blessings are always with us!!!

Good Morning Friends 😊😊

This morning while going to my work place, I met one girl, little tired yet sign of joy on her face. She was blushing and she was narrating something to her friend…

She was telling that she couldn’t sleep well at night with no reasons of delay from her end but while sleeping she prayed I need good sleep and when I get up I should be fresh and satisfied. It was almost 2 am when she prayed with little frustration… Then at 4 am she woke up all of sudden and had her glass of water and was  little fresh… Then she heard some group of people singing hyms of god and all she could hear was “Waheguru, Waheguru, Waheguru”… And with that she didn’t realize when she dosed off… When she woke up morning she was all fresh and satisfied … This is how she began with beautiful and blessed morning 🙏🙏

God can perform miracle anytime anywhere 😊😊😊

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